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Vinegar Pork Chops

Christian and I have been watching Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix and couldn’t resist making the magical pork chop featured on the Venice episode. Lucky for us, host Phil Rosenthal brought cameras right into the kitchen of Vini Da Arturo, a tiny restaurant not far from Piazza San Marco, and filmed the chef making the pork chop. We watched it again before running directly into the kitchen to replicate what we had just seen.

Here’s how to make them:

1) Get two beautiful Berkshire pork chops (with bone) from Vincent’s Meat Market.

2) Pound them flat with a tenderizing mallet.

3) Dredge the chops in 2 beaten eggs.

4) Then dredge them in flour.

5) Now dredge them in breadcrumbs from Addeo Bakers.

6) Fry them over a medium flame in a flat pan with plenty of olive oil, preferably Edda from Teitel Brothers.

7) When they’re golden brown on both sides, pour out half of the olive oil and then return the chops and pan to the stove’s flame.

8) Pour half a cup of plain white vinegar over the chops. Let them sizzle for 30 seconds then flip them over for another 30 seconds so that both sides get coated. Why vinegar? It creates a subtle tang that makes it impossible to stop eating. We tried one chop without the vinegar and it was kinda bland.

9) Add a dusting of salt and serve and eat immediately.

10) You’re welcome.

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