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Our Story


Albino and Grazia Oteri opened a baccalà store at 2374 Arthur Avenue. They raised their family of 6 children above the shop. After emigrating from Sarno and Castelfranci, they spent the rest of their lives in the Bronx. 


John Oteri takes over his parent's baccalà shop and turns it into a butcher shop. In 1954, Oteri's Meat Market was used as the set for "Marty," starring Ernest Borgnine. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. 


Danielle Oteri, great-granddaughter of Albino and Grazia, was asked to give a tour of Arthur Avenue to a group of food buyers from London. The idea to start offering neighborhood food tours was born. Danielle designed the first tours to feel like an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.


The Shopping & Tasting Tour goes viral after being featured on CNN Travel. More media coverage follows including the cover of the The New Yorker after illustrator Jenny Kroik joined a Shopping & Tasting Tour on a quiet day in March. 


 We've introduced thousands of guests to Little Italy in the Bronx! Our mission continues to be to introduce people to the small, truly artisanal food makers in Little Italy.  We hope you'll return again and again and help keep these food traditions alive. 

Arthur Avenue Food Tours is part of Feast Travel. 

Watch a tour of Arthur Avenue featured on CNN Travel

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