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The Shopping Guide to Arthur Avenue

In 1918, my great-grandparents Albino & Grazia Oteri opened a baccalà shop at 2374 Arthur Avenue. Their three sons became butchers and took over the shop. The Academy Award-winning film "Marty" was shot in the store, and it was a really big deal for Hollywood to come to a working-class Italian neighborhood back then. And 106 years later, the butcher shop is still in business.

It feels like a miracle that there continues to be this concentration of small, truly artisanal, family-run food shops in New York City. I'm certain my great-grandparents would never have believed it. My mission is to help keep Arthur Avenue thriving for another generation by introducing you to these shops and getting you hooked on the amazing things they have for sale. If you have a good time, hopefully, you will return, and tell your friends too because there's no place else in the world like Arthur Avenue. 


Published by Saltete, I wrote this digital guidebook so you can discover the neighborhood on your own. It includes the complete itinerary of the Shopping & Tasting Tour.


Each copy is also shareable with another person, so find a friend and do the tour together.

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