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Borgatti's Ravioli Are Made With Love

Everything you buy at Borgatti's feels special and the shop is a rare gem.

Indeed, ravioli are a special treat that Italian-American families enjoy for big Sunday dinners. The small shop directly across the street from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church reflects the character and history of its owners. Family photos and religious images hang on the walls inside. The store windows celebrate the all the seasons and mix religious iconography with the Statue of Liberty for Independence Day, turkeys for Thanksgiving and Easter bunnies.

The ravioli are simple and perfect and truly taste like they were each made with love. Every one is perfectly plump with fresh ricotta, uniform in shape and quality, rich and soul comforting. You'll take them home in a cake box in which you can easily freeze them. They are perfect for small or solo dinners and you can simply crack off the desired number of ravioli and return the box to the freezer

They also have egg noodles, house-made dried squid ink noodles and spinach and beet pastas. All are good, but the ravioli should not be skipped.

Borgatti's Ravioli & Egg Noodles

632 E 187th St Bronx, NY


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